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Innovative Computing and Technology Solutions, LLC

Innovative Computing and Technology Solutions, LLC (ICTS)


801 South Olive Ave.

Suite 1419

West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Tel (256) 527-6438 Fax (251)650-1623


Innovative Business Development Services




ICTS provides unique business development services for client companies that provide products and services in various technologies markets.  Some products included in ICTS's business focus include:

Graphics and imaging systems

Display walls and rugged displays

High performance camera  & sensor systems

Networks and data acquisition

Memory and storage subsystems

Automated Test Equipment

High performance computers

Ruggedized servers




ICTS provides expertise for Business Development, Program Management, Capture Management Support, Strategic alliances, and Services for the Military, Aerospace and Homeland Security Industries.  ICTS has experience in the Military, Aerospace and Homeland Security Industry working with many different agencies, Government personnel, Military personnel, major tier ones, and major manufacturers to bring in needed technologies for requirements and studies. ICTS has extensive relationships and experience in supporting PM, PEO’s, Directors, various officers located throughout different bases, Technology teams, Directorates and Engineering Centers. With this experience ICTS, LLC is able to work with the clients customers to understand their goals and objectives.


Many of these products have synergistic technologies and ICTS is in a unique position to leverage this synergy and provide business opportunities for our clients. As an example, remote situational awareness systems often require rugged displays, high performance computing, secure networks and storage subsystems. In some cases, our clients may require complimentary products to compete in a sales opportunity. ICTS works with its clients to enhance sales by the use of complimentary technologies.


ICTS also offers services to bring together domestic and international clients who are complimentary and wish to partner in business development.



And, the services of ICTS are available to media, trade shows, and other venues that are involved with Military, Aerospace and Homeland Security. 


The business model of ICTS is to provide services to a select group of clients that have complimentary, but non-competing products. Our primary focus is the military defense and homeland security market segments and our mission is to increase sales opportunities for our clients in these areas. ICTS services are provided on a contractual basis with non-disclosure and non-competing clauses.



As a Small Business Woman Owned Company, advantageous competitive positioning can often be provided for our clients.   ICTS, LLC is on IDIQ contract vehicles as a small business team member/subcontractor such as; AMCOM Express teaming with SAIC & Quantum Research International; R2 teaming with URS; Integrated Defense Proposal teaming with I3.



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